Guidelines For The Comparison/Contrast Paper For The Wine of Astonishment

The novella The Wine of Astonishment features two main characters who have different ideas about how to bring about change for the community of Bonasse: Bee and Bolo.

1. Introductions may use a number of strategies such as starting with a question, starting with a quote, a summary of the main conflict within the story which is played out between Bolo and Bee, a short meditation on the importance of community, etc. Any of these could lead to an explicit statement of your characterizations in (a) and (b) and an unambiguous statement of which character’s tactics had the greatest effect on the community.

2. In well-developed example paragraphs (presumably using T-BEAR paragraphing strategy) contrast these two characters’ a) dispositions and life situations and b) paths they took to bring about change within the community.

3. Each example paragraph should have a well-defined topic sentence that clearly characterizes (labels) the items in (a) and (b) that you are writing about.

4. You may use alternating or block style as the structure for your paper.

5. In the conclusion choose which character you think had the greatest effect on the community and support your conclusion using evidence from either within the story or evidence outside the events of the story.

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Example Paragraph for Wine of Astonishment Paper


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