What Money Can't Buy by Michael Sandel #4 (pg. 163-203)

1. By what inning of a game has Joe Mauer earned as much as Harmon Killebrew did in a season?



2. When did autographs and sports paraphernalia come to be viewed as marketable goods?



3. What did Arizona Diamonbacks outfielder Luis Gonzalez sell online (reportedly for charity)?



4. How many sports stadiums had naming rights deals in 1988 compared to 2010?



5. What attempt at aadvertising at a major league park was met with a hostile response?



6. How has the difference in price between the most expensive seats and the cheapest seats changed since Sandel was a child?



7. On what grounds did people protest the inclusion of luxury skyboxes at University of Michigan football games?



8. What opinion does Sandel hold of the efficiencies that Moneyball brought to baseball player pricing mechanisms?



9. What kind of unexpected response did Adzookie receive?



10. What two objections are leveled against the laissez-faire argument about public advertising?



11. What is municipal marketing? How did it grow from the mid-90s to the early 2000s?



12. How does Sandel illustrate that the naming rights for stadiums were contagious?



13. What are "sponsored educational materials" and what egregious oversights did it make?



14. What change has there been in advertising to children since 1983?



15. What distraction does sandel draw between what advertising does and what education does?