What Money Can't Buy by Michael Sandel Study Questions #2 (pg. 43-91)

1. What question does Sandel say one needs to ask in order to assess the moral status of any transaction?



2. What does Sandel say about how pricing systems allocate goods?



3. What does Sandel say is the sweeping change in the project of economists?



4. What did the AP incentive programs demonstrate about students as maximizers of their own interests?



5. What are the grounds on which people object to cash incentives for weight loss?



6. What is the result of the vast majority of smokers who were paid to quit their habit of smoking?



7. What worry does Sandel have about how incentives shape behavior?



8. How does Gary Becker suggest the US should solve its immigration issue?



9. Why does Sandel object to the notion held by economists that markets do not touch or taint the goods they regulate?



10. How does Finland levy fines for speeding that is different than the United States?



11. What does Sandel find troubling about procreation permits?



12. What does Sandel suggest is overlooked by suggesting a problem like global warming may be solved by constructing the right incentives?



13. What does Sandel say that dreating a market to hunt endangered species is dependent on?



14. When does the word "incentive" rise sharply in use?



15. Why does Sandel object to the notion of economics as a study based solely on "the sum of people's preferences"?