The Panama Papers

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1. Choose one story that has been revealed from around the world relating to assets being moved through or placed in an offshore tax haven. Detail the events that has allowed this licit or illicit movement of money through the tax haven.

2. Determine, if there are any, what the larger implications of the movement of these assets are. The best of these implications will be ones that are supported by the words and analyses of others. However, novel analyses of these implications can be provided as long as there is some rational basis for making them (i.e. you can't just wildly make up what the consequences are). Try to establish a cause and effect relationship as well as you can.

3. Use MLA parenthetical citation to support your discussion of the process of the movement of the assets and/or the implications of the assets being moved to these offshore tax havens

4. In the conclusion you can touch on one or all of the following questions:

a) are tax havens justified in their claims that they provide a useful service by ensuring "tax competition" and therefore hold down the percentage of revenues/income being taxed by overzealous states?

b) In the new tax bill passed by Congress, the corporate tax rate is reduced from 35% to 21% in the belief that this lower rate rate will incentivize American companies to not park revenues offshore and subsequently repatriate this money into the American economy where it can create opportunities for American citizens through direct investment. Given what you have learned about the tax haven industry do you think that this reduction in tax will incentivize American companies to do this?

c) what evidence is there to support the idea that the establishment of either/both an automatic global exchange of information about bank accounts and/or globally transparent register of companies is possible?

d) if average Americans could take measures to avoid paying taxes by moving funds to offshore accouts, do you think they would do so or would stop principle of fairness stop them?

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