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1. Read the above sections:

2. Examine your ancestral past and look for a particular ethnic/cultural heritage (if you derive from more than one — likely — then choose just one). Research two items (cultural or physical) that this ethnic/cultural heritage has brought forth into the world.

3. Describe the development of your two items within the culture you are looking at. For each item separately, provide the who, what, when, where and why that a good journalistic account would provide. Discuss the evolution of the item if it has changed over time. Discuss any internal resistance within the group (if it existed) about the item in question.

4. Try to establish a cause and effect relationship between the two items and the effect they might have had on the entire globe or just on a single or group of cultures that came into contact with group and interacted with it.

5. Document all sources using MLA parenthetical citation

6. In the conclusion, knowing that you belong (by bloodline) to the ethnic/cultural heritage you reported on, explore your own personal feelings/thoughts about the impact made by the items you have reported on. Do you think having knowledge of the contributions your ethnic/cultural heritage has made impacts you, your behavior, your decisions (on a daily basis), has impacted you over a period of time, will impact you in the future?

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