Study Question Set #2 for David Cay Johnston's Free Lunch (pg. 85-157)

1. What conclusion did Kenneth P. Thomas reach about the value created by corporate subsidies in 1996?



2. How did the Supreme Court rule in the case of Kim Blankenship brought against the city of Toledo and Chrysler?



3. Why does johnston challenge Mona Williams's comment that a billion dollars in subsidies was a jackpot investment for local governments?



4. What did David Ewald find about the claims for traffic passing through a Cabela's store?



5. How are people who buy commercial airline tickets and playing the Oregon State Lottery subsidizing Mike Keiser's Bandon Dunes gold business?



6. How are executives from alarm companies like Tyco enriched due to the subsidies it receives?



7. What effects were brought about by the the LAPDs 10-year commitment to responding to burglar alarms?



8. What is "reverse competition" and how does it apply to land title insurance?



9. What is the actual cost (relative to the premiums paid by consumers) for insurers to provide teir title insurance service?



10. How does federal law protect the lendors of educational loans?