Study Question Set #1 for David Cay Johnston's Free Lunch (pg. 3-84)

1. What does Johnston suggest is the ugly truth behind Bandon Dunes?



2. What does Johnston say is the real reason for the growing inequality in the US since 1980?



3. What does johnston say Adam Smith would do if he could come back to life?



4. How did CSX offload its responsibilitiesonto the public?



5. What is the difference between comparative advantage and absolute advantage?



6. Who was John Mullaly and how was his legacy undermined in 2005?



7. What was the effect of Proposition 13 in 1978 on the park system in L.A. and how did it impact the city's youth population?



8. What assertion did the Cato Institute make about public parks?



9. What did Joyce Hogi note that countered the notion that the city of New york would receive tax revenues that would pay for the bonds issued for a new stadium?



10. What was Capt. Karl Klein's response to George Steinbrenner's comment "when you buy a shipyard, you hire one welder, one fitter, one painter and 12 lawyers"?