Final BE

In the Princeton Alumni Weekly editorial by Angela Wu entitled "On Books: What Princeton Students are Reading (An Undergrad's Search for the Book of Her Generation)" (Jan. 18, 2012), why does Wu say that her generation has not established an iconic book that defines them? Do you think most informed Americans would agree that Ron Charles's statement about Wu's generation is accurate when he says "young adults choose their books like 13-year-old girls"? Provide examples from any of your reading, your conversations with other Americans or your experience to support your evaluation of the author's assertion.

"The Country That Stopped Reading" by David Toscana at The New York Times [March 5, 2013]

"What College Students Read" by Rick Hess at Education Week [June 12, 2013]

"Academic Literacy: A Statement of Competencies Expected of Students Entering California's Public Colleges and Universities [Spring 2002]

Expert: Most US College Freshmen Read at 7th Grade Level by Merrill Hope on Breitbart News [Jan. 2, 2015]

These Kids Today! by Scott McLemee in Inside Higher Ed [March 18, 2009]


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