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In The New York Times editorial by Thomas Friedman entitled " The Democratic Recession " (May 7, 2008), what does Friedman say is the "First Law of Petro -Politics"? Do you think most informed Americans would find Friedman's theory of the First Law of Petro-Politics as credible or would they see his theory as overlooking cultural factors in its explanation of the spread of authoritarianism? Provide examples from any of your reading, your conversations with other Americans or your experience to support your evaluation of the author's assertion.

The First Law of Petro-Politics by Thomas Friedman in Foregn Policy Magazine [May/June 2006]

"Is Oil To Blame For The Lack of Democracy in the Middle East" in The Internet and Democracy Project at Harvard University

"The Culture of Democracy" in The Quaker Economist #106

"Confucianism" from Larry Diamond's book World Religions and Democracy

What is Democracy: The Culture of Democracy by the

"Culture, Democracy and Development: The Impact of Formal and Informal Institutions on Development" by Deepak Lal of the International Monetary Fund